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Rules and Requirements
Mendocino County Fair and Apple Show
Cider Styles

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The 5th annual Mendocino Apple Show International Cider Competition (MASICC) took place June 5, 2018, celebrating ciders from around the world. Each year, ciders made from fruit grown in California are eligible for California Cider Competition awards. In the grand tradition of county agricultural fairs, MASICC and CCC offer recognition for appellation of origins, and single varietal ciders. MASICC also includes Enthusiast Divisions.

Mendocino Apple Show International Cider Competition

The MASICC was introduced in 2015 to include ciders made from apples, juice or concentrate from around the world!

These competitions also offer a great opportunity to connect with media, industry buyers and tastemakers, and share the world of cider with them. On top of it all, you can introduce the public to new ciders, new cider styles and the cidermakers who craft them!

Not a Commercial Cidermaker?

Non-commercial entries are also accepted from cider enthusiasts. Some may call this the 'amateur' division but we know better! You're welcome to join the fun and celebrate what amazing ciders you produce.

  • Hard Cider, Enthusiast Local: Produced by a resident of Humboldt, Lake, Mendocino, or Sonoma Counties. 

  • Hard Cider, Enthusiast Open: Produced by a resident of all other California counties. 

All non-commercial entries must be sent in bottles free of permanent labels or markings to ensure the blindness of the judging. They will be poured at judging tables and identified only by registration number.

California Cider Competition

Connect with a real California orchard through award winning California Grownciders.

Did you know that terroir focused fruit-forward cider is all about the apples? In the dawn of a cider renaissance spreading across the country, craft beverage enthusiasts can look to the state's only California terroir focused competition. 

The California Cider Competition attracts the best ciders made from apples grown in California orchards. Hosted by California’s one and only Apple Show at the Mendocino County Fair, this annual competition offers consumers a way to connect with award-winning cidermakers and learn about apples and terroir.

This competition was instituted in 2014 as a way to recognize the craft and dedication of California cidermakers who are bottling excellence. Cider is produced like wine, but made from apples. The influence of terroir (soils, topography, and climate) have a dramatic affect on the apples and the cider. 

 See the cider styles.

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