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International Women's INAUGURAL SPIRITS Competition
Judging: june 12 - 13, 2023

  deadline to enter may 30TH

Who will be the Best Woman Distiller of 2023?
Register your distillers name below, all eligible product entries are automatically considered for the award. The award is based on the highest award(s) and point scores. 

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February 9, 2023-- Now in its sixteenth year, the prestigious International Women’s Wine Competition has added spirits to its lineup, making it the first and only competition of its kind in the United States — possibly in the world. Its mission? To uniquely identify specific wines and spirits that women will enjoy and ultimately purchase.

Based on the knowledge that most of the wine consumed at home is primarily purchased by women, event founder and president Debra Del Fiorentino started this contest to bring a unique perspective to a judged experience. The decision to include spirits in the judging was made, she says, “in response to the rapidly expanding craft spirits universe. There are so many great producers out there; earning a medal here is one way to grab consumer attention.”

The competition brings together esteemed judging panels made up exclusively of professional women winemakers, distillers, sommeliers, retail buyers, beverage industry educators and journalists. The judges will recognize not only the best wines and spirits submitted, but also those they feel would appeal most to women buyers and consumers.

For extra recognition, if your facility has a woman winemaker or distiller, be sure to note it at time of entry. Aside from judging wines on their own merit, a special award will be given to the Best Woman Winemaker and Best Woman Distiller. That said, however, this competition is open to all distillers, regardless of gender.

3 ways medal winners will benefit:


  1. You'll find out what women like. Expert opinions can boost sales and judges’ decisions may directly influence consumers (and potential consumers)

  2. Medals are an effective way to communicate your brand’s quality and establish you as an industry leader.  

  3. Winners get extra exposure, with all 90+ points winners receiving a marketable comment from the judges.

Award for Best Woman Distiller


If your distiller is a women, be sure to note it at time of entry, and send us an email!  Aside from judging spirits on their own merit made by both men and women, a special award will be given to the Best Woman Distiller based on spirits  made just by women. Please register 

your Distiller here and include the name of the company and brands


About our Women Judges


They include a list of top-notch highly trained professional women in the spirits industry and media who take their task very seriously! Their influence can have far-reaching effects on your product consumers and their purchases. Find out which spirits suit their pallets.





Meet Sara Brennan

Trail Distilling

Awarded for Best Woman Distiller: 2022



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