a variety of Unique WINE, cider and spirits Competitions

Presented by Wine Competitions Management & Productions, each adult beverage competition is carefully designed to appeal to a niche market based on its regionality or style of judging. Judges are internationally renowned and respected experts. Our mission? To provide a quality assessment of your wine, cider and spirits, and offer a unique selling proposition to promote your medal-winning product!


International East Meets West

Wine Challenge

February 8-9th, 2022

Two Competitions in One:
International Eastern and West Coast Wine Competition.

Combining two of our oldest and most established brands to see exactly where East Meets West.

LA Invitational Challenge_CIRCLE - Copy.jpg

LA Invitational Wine & spirits challenge

February 21 - 22th 2023

The competition was established, in conjunction with LA beverage professionals representing both the on and off premise channels, to highlight the best of the best wine & spirits producers in the world. And, to introduce those producers to the largest market of consumers in the country. Winning producers will be featured in a robust LA Times promotional campaign targeting wine, spirits and food enthusiasts

Press Democrat North Coast Wine Challenge

April 4 - 5th, 2023

Celebrating Northern California's "Best of the Best" followed by an Invitational Tasting by The Press Democrat.


Experience Rosé wine competition 

May 3 - 4th, 2022

Seeks the very best in dry, a little sweet and sparkling styles that pair quality winemaking with the passion for rosé and its infinite possibilities.

International Women's Wine Competition

May 10 - 11th, 2022

Expertly judged by women, for women wine buyers. Special award given for Best Woman Winemaker.


sunset International Wine Competition

June 7 - 9th, 2022

SUNSET is the leading media brand of the Western lifestyle.  Its International Wine Competition makes its winning wines part of the most influential wine program in the country. 

SunsetSpiritLogoAward_v2 (1).png

sunset MAGAZINE int'l spirits competition

October 18-19, 2022

Winning producers will be featured in a Spirits Special non-print, digital edition with supporting microsite. Promotions for Spirits Award Special Issue will be placed in sunset.com, Sunset eNewsletters and Sunset social sites in the Spring. 

Harvest Challenge

November 8 - 9th 2022

The Harvest Challenge is a wine competition that pits wines against each other by their appellation and by varietal. This spotlights a region's soil and climate contributing to the wine quality.

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December 14 - 15th,  2022

Show off your craft spirits and earn bragging rights at this second annual judging.

Why You Should Enter

  • Winning gold medals can help boost sales and brand awareness for producers of all sizes.

  • Have your wine rated by professional judges who know their wine

  • Add retail room talking points

  • Benchmark your products against others

  • Give your brand pride, prestige and bragging rights

  • Make others take notice (retailers, restaurateurs, sommeliers)

  • Generate great PR and make your wine a stand-out

  • A medal helps you sell more wine!