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experience rosé
Wine Competition

JUNE 11th-12th, 2024

Early Entry Discount
$10. per entry
ENTER BY May 20th

may 30th

Wines to be delivered to
Express Wine Delivery by 5 pm June
Need more time to get your product in, contact us.

2024 COMPETITION | RULES & REGULATIONS - General Information

  • Eligibility: any wine bottled in the United States or any international producer with the word “rosé” clearly included in front or back labeling. There is no limit to the number of entries

  • Categories: dry, sweet, sparkling

  • Entry: Through and available online only, and required to be completed with fees paid by May 27th, 2024

  • Online entry only!  Entry fee: $80 per entry online. (Early Bird $70)

  • Wine shipment: Four 750 ml bottles per entry must be received at Express Wine Delivery by 5 P.M,  June 3rd, 2024.

  • Clearly mark boxes on all sides for : “2024 Experience Rosé Competition.”

  • Judging:  June 11th-12th, 2024   The competition is closed to the public. No visitors.

  • Award recipients will be notified by email within 7 working days of the last day of the competition.

  • Gold medals are approximately 2 inches in diameter and weigh about 1.5 ounces. They are attractively engraved with the wine competition logo and award designation and are not year-specific. Only Gold and above will receive medals. Please note wines receiving a silver or bronze medal designation will have access to download a pdf certificate for Achievement in Winemaking in recognition of this award in lieu of an actual medal. Digital medals will be available for all levels.   Media Kit link  will be available on this website after medal announcements.

  • Branded point of sale materials will be made available for purchase after the winners are notified.

Promote winners with branded bottle stickers & more

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